Survey Basics: Instagram Example

I received a survey from Instagram asking about which features I use. Can you spot the small, meaningful omission in the question below?

instagram survey

It is actually a forced choice question but it shouldn’t be. This question needs a “not applicable” response option: I have not used any of these features in the past 3 months.

I tried to not answer the question because I haven’t used any of the features listed in the past three months. I was met with a message in red that says: “please answer this question.” I randomly selected a few options so that I could move forward with the survey.

How does this affect the results of the survey?

  • Over reporting of features used
  • Depending on the follow-up questions, inaccurate results on: the likes/dislikes of the features (because the user hasn’t actually experienced them), usage triggers, likelihood to use in the future
  • (A missed opportunity to ask users why they haven’t used these features.)

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